Picture Wagyu Signature Boneless Sampler #2
Wagyu Signature Boneless Sampler #2

Try a sampler of some of the finest steaks in the country or send to your friends to enjoy. This package includes all USDA Imperial Wagyu Beef. Fairway offers the finest of Filets, Ribeyes, NY Strips and Burgers. Don't forget to top it off with the best steak salt ever.

Package #2 Includes:
2pcs 8oz Wagyu Signature Filet
2pcs 12oz Wagyu Signature Ribeye
2pcs 12oz Wagyu Signature NY Strip
4pcs 8oz Wagyu Burgers
1 Fairway Steak Salt

Wagyu beef, all natural

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Wagyu Signature Boneless Samplers: