Picture Wagyu Filet / Tenderloin Roast
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Wagyu Filet / Tenderloin Roast

The Filet is cut from the tenderloin of  Wagyu cattle. This Filet is the most tender, soft and best tasting piece of beef you'll ever put in your mouth. We dare you to try it!  

BMS: Beef Marbling Score
Classic 6-7
Signature 8-9
Reserve 10+

**Fully Trimmed = Roast Ready
**Untrimmed = As is...Silver and Chain On
**Whole Tenderloin Cut End to End 6-8oz Package Includes....6-7 Filets + 1lb Tender Tips + 2lb Ground Beef


  •  We brand this as the Steakhouse Beef, it's always tender, juicy, exquisite and a truely delightful eating experience!
  •  We guarantee that our beef is always the best beef and has the best taste!
  •  This beef is wet-aged to perfection. We pride ourselves in our ability to always provide you with perfection!
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