Picture Piedmontese Bone-in Ribeye
Piedmontese Bone-in Ribeye

Piedmontese Bone-In Ribeye
The Bone-In Ribeye is cut from the eye of the Prime Rib of the Piedmontese cattle. For the first time, we're introducing a health food that doesn't taste like cardboard or chew like rubber! This, instead, is tender and juicy, with a wonderful texture. Oh, by the way, it has less fat and calories than an equal portion of boneless-skinless chicken breast. Oh boy!

  •  We brand this as all natural because it is! No hormones or steroids. Piedmontese Cattle are raised on an open range and are 100% grass fed.
  •  We guarantee that our beef is always the best beef and has the best taste!
  •  Branded Heart Healthy because it has less fat and calories than skinless chicken breast of equal portion. It's the best beef for your heart!
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