Picture Imperial Wagyu Dry-Aging Program
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Imperial Wagyu Dry-Aging Program

Select your Imperial Wagyu Beef and select how long you would like it aged...

Default Cut...

Bone In Ribeye - 7pcs 20-22oz Bone in Ribeyes + 3-5pcs bnls Ribeyes
Bone In Striploin - Cut end to end 1.25" approx 10-12 steaks
Tenderloin - Cut end to end 6-8oz plus tender tips approx 5-6 steaks + Tips

Shortloin - Cut end to end 1.25" (Porterhouse, T-Bones and B/in NY's)


**Please allow 4-7 days for Processing

Imperial Wagyu BMS: (Beef Marbling Score)
6-7 = Classic grade
8-9 = Signature grade
10+ = Reserve grade

Approx Starting Product Weights before entering Aging Room:
103 Rib (Bone in Ribeye/Rib Roast/Tomahawks) ~45lbs
Shortloin ~25lbs
Bone In NY Striploin ~22lbs
Tenderloin ~7lbs


Imperial Wagyu Beef

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